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10 Coffee Facts That Coffee Lover Should Know

If you are tired of work stress or are blinded to sleep – in this situation you will first think of a cup of hot coffee. Eating a single cup of coffee, the body and mind soon become healed. We do not know the thousands of facts about the comfort of drinking coffee, where it originated, what is happening with coffee, whether coffee is healthy or not. Today I will get to know about that coffee – 10 Coffee Facts that coffee lover should know.

Coffee is actually a kind of cherry fruit

The seeds that are sown on coffee are actually roasted seeds, the fruits are called coffee cherries. When the main cherry inside the coffee bites on the fruit, the ovary is divided into two ovaries. According to data from the United States National Coffee Company, 5% of the world’s coffee contains a single seed called ‘Peaberry’. This ‘Peaberry’ coffee is separated by hand – this type of coffee seed is famous for its strong taste and excellent blend.

Somewhere people do not drink coffee, eat coffee

People drink coffee for a long time, but people are more comfortable to eat it somewhere. Many coffee maker companies make flour with wasted coffee cherries. This bread is made with bread, chocolate, sauce or cake. It doesn’t taste like coffee at all; The taste varies depending on the type of seed.

Coffee made from crap can be very expensive!

The mammal named ‘Civet’ is a cat or an elephant – The world’s most expensive coffee reaches humans through the maturation of either of these two organisms. ‘Kopi Luwak’ is a type of coffee made from the shit of an Indonesian mammalian cat named Civet. The usual process of brewing coffee cherries is when passing through the cat’s maturation, later they were collected and sold. 500 grams of that type of coffee can cost up to $ 700.

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However, currently black Ivory coffee is facing such a challenge. Hand-made coffee This variety is made from Thai elephant shit after eating cherries. The Black Ivory Coffee was invented by a Canadian named Blake Dunkin. In the United States, 35 grams of black Ivory coffee costs around $ 85.

Coffee is good for your health

Coffee contains a lot of anti-oxygen. They help prevent the cells in our body from mixing harmful toxins and chemicals. A study published earlier this year reveals that drinking at least three cups of coffee a day can reduce the likelihood of many serious diseases, including heart attacks. The study was conducted over 16 years with data from 5 million people in ten countries in Europe. The caffeine content of coffee helps to enhance people’s refreshment and sports activities.

But not in excess

As a nerve stimulator, taking additional doses can also cause some harmful effects of caffeine. It is best to reduce the intake of caffeine during pregnancy. Caffeine consumption is thought to be associated with higher levels of birth weight in infants. It is also thought that caffeine may lead to abortion. According to the British Health Authority, a pregnant woman should not drink more than 200 milligrams of coffee a day (one mug filter coffee or two mug instant coffee).

Two types of coffee seeds

Coffee grown in Ethiopia is called arabica. This type of coffee is usually refined, light and aromatic. This variety of coffee prices are relatively high and about 70% of the world’s coffee is this variety. Robusta is another type of coffee rich in flavor and somewhat caffeine. This type of coffee is commonly used to make instant coffee. This type of coffee is commonly grown in Brazil, Central and West Africa and some areas of Southeast Asia.

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Coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a goat!

According to an old legend, a goat shepherd named Caldi in the ninth century first saw his goats eat fruit from a berry tree. Later she noticed that her goats did not sleep overnight. After a group of monks gave his observation, they made drinks from the fruit; The purpose was to wake up and pray overnight.

The first cafes were in the Middle East

Not just coffee that was enjoyed at home. Coffee shops in various cities in the Middle East were called ‘kahweh khaneh’. Those coffee shops later became popular as a daily venue, gathering place.

Most people in Scandinavia drink the most coffee

According to the International Coffee Company, Finland’s residents drink on average the highest amount of coffee. The average coffee consumption per person per year in Finland is about 12kg. In addition, the average coffee consumption in Norway and Iceland is around 9 kg. Denmark and Sweden also consume more than 8 kg of coffee a year on average.

Tea or coffee?

Which is popular in your country – tea or coffee? According to the British Coffee Association, coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. About 200 million cups of coffee are consumed every day in the world. But is the equation really that easy? India and China, the two most populous countries in the world, prefer tea more than coffee.

Coffee is popular in the United States and mainland Europe. However, tea is still appreciated in most regions of the continent of Asia and in the former Soviet Union. Geographer David Grigg points out in his 2006 publication that it is important to take into account how many cups of tea or coffee were consumed, not just weight, to overcome the conflict between tea and coffee. According to him, the comparison should be made as to how many liters of tea or coffee was consumed. Because by weight, about 80% more coffee is consumed each year than the amount of tea consumed on earth.

But to make one cup of tea requires about 2 grams of tea leaves, but about 10 grams of coffee seeds are needed to make one cup of coffee. According to this calculation, ‘one cup of coffee can be proportional to three cups of tea.’

Source: BBC, Feature Image: Freepik

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