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5 Technology Trends will Dominate in 2020

The past few centuries have witnessed unprecedented development in the technology sector of the world. This great wisdom of technology will increase, not decrease, over time. With this continuation, new technologies will also come in 2020. According to the technicians, these technologies are going to reign this year. This article is based on 5 technology trends that will stir or dominate in 2020.

Quantum Computer

The revolution of quantum computer is going to happen in 2020. Google announced in October 2019 that Quantum Computers created them in 200 seconds, a task that would take 10,000 years to make a supercomputer! Although many questions and controversies have arisen over their claims, Google says this quantum computer will come to market this year. And if this is true then there will be a revolution in the technology sector, especially in the engineering, chemistry and pharmaceuticals sectors.

Google says Quantum Computer will come to market this year. Image: CNet

If you listen to the discussion of quantum computing, you would think that something is being called a scientific fiction. But we have reached the pinnacle of a computer technology that disobeys logic and even fails to imagine. The transistors used by today’s computers are so small that they can be made with handheld technology. So computer inventors have begun to look for possible solutions at the atomic and atomic levels, known as quantum computing.

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Big companies in the technology world have begun fierce competition to create sustainable quantum computers and are trying to market them commercially. Quantum computers will be able to provide computing power, which is not possible for conventional classical computers. It will solve any problem quickly.

5G Data Network

Although the introduction of 5G networks began in 2019, it was not possible for everyone. This 5G service will be integrated with the utility in 2020 as utility increases. 40 companies from 22 countries around the world are expanding their network to 5G. This will provide many more benefits, including increasing the download speed, which is unimaginable. That’s what network companies expect. Apart from this, the bandwidth will also increase the speed of Artificial Intelligence, including robots, machines.

This 5G service will be available on the cheap in 2020. Image: Twitter

China is launching experiments with 5G technology this year. The country’s three major mobile operators will run 5G tests in some cities. The experimental project will be conducted in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Suzhou and Ningbo, China. Applications for building base stations, automated cars, smart cities, smart homes will be created to test with 5G. The next step will be to extend the 5G test to 10 more cities.

No calls will drop on 5G. The towers of the 5G network will be changed but the call drop or internet connection will not change. According to ITU data, there will be no interruption of mobile on the 5G network. Charges less on 5G batteries. Generally, the battery charge of the mobile can be seen to be fast while using the data. Battery efficiency will increase at 5G. When the phone won’t use the network, the Sleep Mode feature will improve.

Autonomous Driving System
Autonomous Driving System will bring a stir. Image: ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Autonomous Driving

Over the years, the transport sector has undergone significant changes. Autonomous Driving System is Coming Soon in 2020 After App-Based Travel Services From driving the brakes to tightening, turning will be all without a driver. Google’s ‘Sister Company’ Waymo has already experimented with self-propelled taxis in California, where in the first month there were 6200 passengers on the automobile. It is hoped that the Autonomous Driving System will bring a stir to the world and technology trends like Autonomous Driving are able to dominate 2020.

Travel in space

A few years ago, extensive research on the travel of astronauts began in space. In 2020 this is going to be impossible. Russian and American companies are already shipping cargo to the International Space Station. This time, companies are creating space travel for wealthy people. This year, a new stand of space tourism is about to be unveiled. Many billionaires and wealthy people in the world have already signed agreements with the interest of traveling to the moon and other planets.

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NASA has announced that by 2020, tourists and businessmen will spend the night at the International Space Station. Staying at the space station will cost you a lot of nightly fare. However, very few tourists get the chance to visit there every year. After reaching the space station, tourists can participate in various activities. There they will experience zero gravity. From there you will see magnificent views of space and the world and you can play badminton as well.

NASA has entered into an agreement with two private companies to move tourists to the space station. One of them is Elon Musk’s ‘Space X‘. They will use their dragon capsules to transport tourists. Another is Boeing. Boeing is building a spacecraft called Starline. The technology trends are expected to dominate 2020.

Foldable Smartphone

In 2019, South Korean tech giant Samsung created Foldable Smartphones and put gadgets on the shelf. The smartphone has a 7.3-inch display with folding open. It can be used as a smartphone and tablet at the same time. Samsung official Justin Dennison said, “We have brought to you a product that will not only be a new product, it will also change the concept of the product.”

Foldable smartphones will take smartphone technology to another level this year. Image: CNet

Motorola, a company like TCL, has begun walking this route in 2020. Millions have invested in this sector. Meanwhile, Lenovo-owned technology-making company Motorola’s Foldable Smartphone ‘Moto Razor’ is on the market. Moto Razor is coming to two screens as a specification. One will be inside the screen, the other on the outside. When the fold is open, the phone’s OLED screen will measure 6.2 inches.

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has brought the Foldable Smartphone to market. Gadget companies hope that by 2020 almost all types of gadgets will have such a folding feature.

Feature Image: The Next Tech

I am a designer, blogger and marketer. Love to stay connected to technology and a full stack day dreamer.


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