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7 Bad Aspects About Android Phones

Android itself is a wonderful operating system. But something about the Android phone is so disturbing that it has caused users to be upset. Along with the good aspects of Android phones, users are also reviewing the darker aspects. There are some topics discussed in this article 7 bad aspects About Android Phones.

The Update is not Clear

Now it is not so much more complex than before, the company has fixed it a lot now with a bit of attention. Even then, the big problem for Android is that the Android phone does not get an update. It doesn’t bother with Windows Phone or iOS. If Windows Phone has been canceled a long time ago, and iOS is only available on Apple phones, so updating is much easier. Android One is a Google stock Android project. If you have one on your phone you will get the first update with Google Pure Android. You will get at least two major updates.

Other phones have not received the update of Android 10 since on the Android One Project. Why? If you do not get the update first of all, what is the Android One program? Now think, this jump with Android One, then when will you get the update on your normal device? Many people think, what to do with the update? Updating not only on the feature bar, but also on your phone’s security bar. If you use Android Gingerbread in this era, no one can guarantee that everything on your phone will be hacked! It is important to get updates on the phone to keep the phone going smoothly, to secure security, to enable new features.

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Built-in App

One of the major disadvantages with Android phones is that many cheap or mid-range phones have built-in apps that are also called bloatware. You do not need to use any software or app that comes pre-installed with your phone, and you will not be able to uninstall them.

If you buy a budget phone, you will unfortunately see a lot of bloatware. Suppose a phone’s RAM is only 1 GB, there are many useless apps that can not be uninstalled, so the phone will not be able to come out immediately?

Why? I will disassemble my phone, I will keep an app and uninstall any app. But smartphone manufacturing companies won’t let us do that. These types of apps are sponsored by the phone company and pay phone companies to pre-install these apps on the phone. This is why a cheap phone might be so much cheaper.

Android Phone UI is Different

Android itself comes with many variants in one version. But then again there is the custom UI of phone companies! This UI, that UI, what more. This is why using an Android phone, especially switching from one phone to another, can lead to many problems.

In that case you can see the Emotion UI or Mi UI on Android, they are very different from each other. Now suppose you were thinking about buying a Samsung phone, then finding settings on a Samsung phone would be a completely different world for you. They use the One UI, if all phones are Android, but then no one can match.

Android is now Google-based

Since Android Lollipop, Android Core Control has largely gone into Google’s hands, meaning that without Google services, Android is now much more stable. But when the Android project started, everything was open source. By the name of open source, a software source code will be open to everyone and any developer can improve it, which is how most Linux-based operating systems work.

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Although Android initially worked like this, almost everything is now Google-based. For example, if your phone does not have Google Play services, many apps will not run on the phone. And Google services are not open source at all, Google itself is directly concerned about these. Now, like Google Play Services, RAM itself consumes cheap phones, which is a different and worse example.

Google itself is not safe!

When it comes to privacy, who could be a bigger accused than Google? Google tracks every single activity you have, whether you do a search on Google or YouTube, when you’re going to Google Maps, checking in at a restaurant, staying in a hotel, but Google knows everything.

Now Google’s own thing is this android, so understand that Google can track your personal data through Android! Google knows everything from your contact list, to how long you use an app on your phone with your personal picture.

Feature Image: AnandTech

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