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Brain-Computer Interface: Friendship of Brain and Devices

Once upon a time the computer was a surprise to us. Then gradually the computer became almost a regular member of the room. At first there was a desktop, followed by an L laptop. Even then, the matter of managing a computer without using a hand is almost incredible to us. Now that technology is in our hands. And how far will human civilization go? Is this technological development good or bad for us? Lets know about Brain-Computer Interface friendship of brain and devices.

The only answer to the question may be the movie ‘Upgrade’ released in 2018. Although the main character of the movie initially used the instrument to manage his body, the machine later began to control him. Can anything like this happen in reality? The technology that results from so much hard work and effort, that one time will not go beyond our control? At one time, listening to the words of Cyborg and Artificial Intelligence seemed to be part of scientific fiction. It doesn’t matter now. In 2012, the University of Pittsburgh’s biomedical engineer Jennifer Klinger conducted a research experiment with the help of the government.

In this experiment, Jane Sherman’s fate was changed. The 53-year-old woman is now able to operate her mechanical arm with the help of some cable connected to the brain. Thus, he also carried a huge plane. It is not surprising to hear the question of whether cyborg can be made in the future so that it can come in 2019.

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This process has been going on since 1970. Technology is constantly evolving. This year, the main goal of the Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology Program is to remove the electrode, its need for surgery and more. Scientists have discovered a device that can be attached to a simple cap as part of the process. The function of this machine will be much like telepathy, which the brain can easily understand. In fact, our brain will literally start functioning like a computer. Earlier, Elon Musk also tried a test called Neurallink.

However, the risk of surgery and communication was as usual. New technology, on the other hand, has not been afforded such a problem. Researchers are pretty optimistic about this whole thing. They think that if this technology is installed, we will be able to communicate directly with the machine without any additional problems.

According to researchers, people have always improved themselves through communication. Therefore, if more excellence is to be done in this regard, the impact will be more positive on human civilization. The limited boundary in which people were once trapped can be overcome. The journey to the brain-computer interface began a long time ago. Speaking of the 1800s. Researchers see the activity of electric waves in the brain of animals. From there in 1920, Hans Berger also discovered the human brain in a similar process.

And exactly 50 years later, University of California Los Angeles computer scientist Jacques Vidal researched this and called the brain-computer interface. However, it was limited to naming at that time. Then there are many more things to look forward to. Computing power, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology have improved. Gradually, scientists and physicians have also taught the powerless to live with a new computer interface.

However, there are limitations. According to the researchers, this method of communicating and providing information is not entirely possible. To make sure 100 percent of the contact is required, make a small hole in the human skull and establish contact with the electrodes. Failing to do so may bring some limitations here.

To overcome this limitation, scientists think fresh. They found two ways. First, by entering DNA into the body through a virus and, secondly, by entering a very small device orally. It will be possible to control the brain without surgery. However, there remains a question. And that is the time. If you want to open a file on a computer with a mouse click, it may take a while for the file to start. A man will want to move his mechanical organs much faster with this one. As soon as he thinks of wanting to do something, his organ should start working. And that’s why the team of researchers is trying to speed up the brain and machine activities.

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They are also trying to find answers to some more questions. With the help of this technology, one needs to know the answers to the question of whether a human being is unable to do this task and whether it will be able to do many things simultaneously.

Putting this device in the human brain does not mean that there is absolutely no risk. In this case-

Excessive use can cause brain damage

There is a need to see exactly how much ultrasound and other mechanical pressures a human brain can take. Because, the brain has limitations. Excessive pressure can have a negative impact on it.

The brain may lose its independence

The brain has a system of its own. With the development of technology, people have started using the brain relatively less. Then if the computer-brain interface is used, then at one point, our brain may lose its ability to function.

However, that is not the case. It may be that, like ten other simple devices, this device will only increase the performance of the human being. Scientists also think so. They are willing to take a little risk to get something very good. But yes, there is considerable debate about how much risk and how likely it is to get a positive result. The debate may have gone through before the study was completed. And what will happen in the future? You will have to wait many more days to find out.

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