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Desktop Computer or Laptop? Which one to buy and why?

Most people find it useful and convenient to use a desktop computer at home and in the office. However, the popularity and popularity of using a laptop is increasing day by day, but we all know. Because, today, people are turning their eyes to the benefits of using a laptop. So, thinking about which one would be best for buying in your home or office, Desktop Computer or Laptop? Which one to buy and why? Then in this article you will find the answer to your question easily.

Desktop or Laptop Which is Better or Which to Buy? I will tell you about what are the advantages of a desktop computer and what are the advantages of a laptop, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of a laptop and computer. So, in the end, you better understand what a computer or laptop, which will be good for you.

Desktop Computer or Laptop? Which one to buy and why?

As I said above, to know the answer to the question of whether to buy a laptop or a computer, you must first know “what is a computer and laptop” and “what is the difference between a computer and a laptop”. Finally, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of computers and laptops, you can decide which one is best for you.

What is a Desktop Computer?

A desktop computer is a type of device that receives information through different digitalized data and finally gives us solutions using different programs, software or processes. For a desktop computer to work perfectly, different components are required. These parts are called external hardware and internal hardware.

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However, these hardware parts are also available on laptops, though they are all fitted together in the case of laptops. You don’t need much space for a laptop. However, in the case of desktop computers, all hardware is housed separately in the CPU cabinet. Moreover, the monitor will be available separately for display. As a result, you need more space and a permanent PC-like desktop PC.

Generally, you need a table or desk to hold a desktop computer. Therefore, these types of personal computers are called desktop computers. Gamers often use these types of desktop PCs for gaming. Moreover, this type of computer is more commonly used in the office. So, maybe you understand better what a desktop computer is.

What is a Laptop

A laptop or laptop computer is a portable computer device that functions exactly the same as a desktop computer. It is also a personal computer or PC which in many cases is called notebook PC. In the case of a laptop, all of its hardware parts are fitted together. For example, the LCD screen, keyboard, mouse board and battery will all be together for viewing.

In it, you can take your laptop anywhere and use it easily and you don’t need much space to use. The screen size of laptops is relatively small compared to a desktop computer. So, laptop can be used anywhere you take or travel. So, maybe you understand what a laptop means.

What are the advantages of a desktop computer?

Upgrade Hardware anytime: The most profitable thing about this type of Desktop Pc is “Easy upgrade is possible here”. That means, at any time you can change and add any part of your computer or hardware to add more advanced hardware.

As an example, you will be able to increase the storage space of your computer more easily by buying hard discs from the market. This way, you can increase and increase RAM, install a better processor or install a better quality monitor screen, place a graphics card, all of which you can install and enhance from time to time.

Possible to use larger display screen: When using Desktop PCs, you can use larger display screen. Specifically, people would think of using a larger 22-inch or larger LCD / LED monitor screen for game play and video editing or for various purposes. So, in this case if you want to use a larger screen for your needs, this is only possible on a desktop computer.

Cheaper than laptops & tablets: Desktop computer PCs, you can buy at a much lower cost than laptops or tablets. You can buy the same hardware configuration on the laptop 500 usd, the same hardware configuration desktop computer under 400 usd price. So, keep in mind that desktop computers are much less expensive than laptops or tablets.

Can be assembled as per needs: It is possible to create a desktop computer by assembling your budget and hardware as needed. In this, you have to spend money as your work or requirement. No need to spend unnecessary money on things or hardware you don’t need.

As an example, if you are thinking of buying a computer for official work, doing simple tasks, using the Internet, watching movies, you do not need to install a more powerful processor, RAM, storage device or graphics card. You can save a lot of money by creating computer sets with processor, RAM, storage space or graphics card for your needs.

When creating a desktop PC you can fit your hardware exactly as you need it. But, in the case of a laptop, this is impossible. This is one of the most important advantages and benefits of Desktop PC. So guys, you probably understand better what the benefits and benefits of a desktop computer are.

What are the advantages of a laptop?

Easy to carry: If you want to work from anywhere, a laptop is a lot of work for you. The benefits and benefits of Laptop are very important. You can easily carry your laptop anywhere and work.

Battery for backup: As you know, any laptop has a battery, and with that battery, you can use your laptop without electricity. This is one of the most important benefits and benefits of a laptop and this is one of the advantages people nowadays think about buying a laptop. The batteries inside Laptop allow you to use the laptop with a charge. After the battery is charged, you can use the laptop for about 6 to 10 hours without electricity. Different laptops have different battery backup capabilities.

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Stylish & slim: Laptops are more popular or popular because of the fact that laptops are very nice to look at and very light. Mat finish or Mattel finish Laptops are very nice to look at. So many people use laptops for the beauty of laptops.

Powerful: Nowadays, almost every laptop or laptop model is very powerful. As a result, you can do any task much easier and without difficulty. However, the hardware configuration of a laptop will have to be determined in advance.

The difference between a computer and a laptop

So, after knowing some of the benefits and benefits of laptops and computers, let’s now look at the differences between laptops and computers.

  • There is a price difference between a desktop computer and a laptop. The price of desktop PCs is relatively low compared to laptops.
  • Laptops allow you to use your batteries for many hours without power. However, it is impossible to use a desktop PC without electricity.
  • The hardware configuration of a desktop computer can be tailored to your own needs and budget. However, this is not possible with a laptop.
  • In the case of a Desktop PC, you can upgrade or downgrade hardware or functions at any time. However, this is not so convenient for laptops.
  • You don’t need much space to use a laptop. Moreover, you can use the laptop by taking it anywhere or lying down and sitting down. However, because you need a lot of space to use a desktop computer, it is not possible to move from one place to another.
  • Almost every laptop is expensive nowadays and it is impossible to get a good laptop at a low price nowadays. However, in the case of a desktop computer, you can build your own system as per your needs and budget. Therefore, it is possible to create a desktop pc even under 250 usd.

So, these were some of the common differences between a laptop and a computer. Now the question is, “Which is better and which will be better for you?”

Which is better and which one to buy?

You see, above all, laptop and desktop computer, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this case, you should buy either a computer or a laptop depending on your needs, needs and budget.

If you are good at gaming, or want to do heavy work like video editing, then laptop may not be as good for you. Because, in gaming, you need a lot of advanced hardware. In this case, a desktop PC will prove to be convenient for you. However, there are many advanced gaming laptops for gaming though they are quite expensive.

But, if you want a portable device that you can take anywhere and use at any time, then a laptop PC will prove useful to you. Moreover, if you want the convenience of working hour after hour without electricity, then any laptop will give you this advantage.

Finally, apart from these common advantages and disadvantages, there is no particular difference between a laptop and a computer. The desktop PC can do the same thing that a laptop does. So, I finally put the question to you, “Which is better for you? Desktop Computer or Laptop? Which one to buy and why? The choice is yours.

I am a designer, blogger and marketer. Love to stay connected to technology and a full stack day dreamer.


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