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Home Blog Will Foldable Smartphones be profitable in 2020?

Will Foldable Smartphones be profitable in 2020?

With the introduction of Foldable Phone / Display technology, last year we saw a number of folding phone launches. Of these, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is notable. Huawei and Motorola also bring folding phones. Folding display phone trend will continue this year. Samsung will also launch a new folding phone in 2020. But not only Samsung, Nokia smartphone maker HMD Global can also bring folding phones this year. Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has also begun working on folding phones. Foldable display technology phones have some flaws already and there has been discontent among the customers. So one of the best questions this year is Will Foldable Smartphones be profitable in 2020?

Motorola has announced that they will be releasing their new foldable smartphones Razer Series sometime soon. This phone with vertical folding screens, is the latest version of Motorola’s 2005 popular phone Motorizer. The device which was priced around $1500, was supposed to start offering in the US market on December 26. The proprietor Lenovo blames Razor’s popularity for being late. They say the demand for the phone is far greater than its supply.

Motorola Razr Foldable
Motorola Razr Foldable

However, there are some problems with this folding phone. While there is no new date for marketing the phone yet, Motorola has said that it is not too late to release the phone. When Chris Fox of the BBC used the test model of the phone, he found some problems with its hardware. According to him, people will prefer to use it not as a primary device, but as a fashionable product. As wise people says, this could be the best and best-selling foldable smartphones of 2020. Although the price seems a little over $1500, the folding sets cost less than its competing phones – the Samsung Fold (1960$) and the Huawei Mate X ($2600).

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Samsung also postponed the official marketing date of their folder set, when experimental users reported that the phone’s screen had been broken. Huawei also reported that after Samsung encountered problems, they needed to test more and they were behind the date of their release in the Mate X’s market. Huawei Mate X and Samsung Fold are due to be released in the market sometime late. Of late, the two devices were eventually released on the market, Folds come in September and Mate X in November.

Earlier this year it was thought that, the new folding sets will play a major role in overcoming the downfall of the smartphone market. However, the Folding smartphone is the first to be brought to market but not by a reputed company. In October 2018, the Royal Corporation of California released a folding set called FlexPay in Beijing. However, the set was not marketed that way and its reviews were not very good.

Xiaomi’s president, Bin Lin, also showed the experimental version of a folding phone, but the Chinese company has not yet finalized the product for users. However, experts believe that folding technology could bring about a major change in the smart device market over the next decade.

Technology analyst Ben Wood said, “This technology on the folding screen will revolutionize not only smartphones, but also everyday electronics products in the next decade. Within a few days I will be able to see all kinds of products being screened.”

Nokia 2720 Foldable Phone
Nokia 2720 Foldable Phone

According to a report by Nokiamob, HMD Global will bring their Nokia branding folding phones to market. The company has already started working on it. This phone will launch with a clamshell design like the Motorola Moto Razr. Reportedly, this phone will be available in the end of 2020 or early 2021. Although no details about Nokia’s folding phone have been revealed.

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Also there is good news for those who are worried about the high cost of such technology. Colombian drug emperor Pablo Escobar’s brother, Escobar Inc., announced that, With a folding set, they are about to enter the smartphone market and their first product will be priced at $349.

Several tech websites have reported that as a design and phone interior, Royal FlexPay has a lot in common with the Escobar Fold One. However, this phone is not mentioned on the company’s own website. However, companies like Samsung or Huawei will probably not be too concerned about this phone.

Source: BBC

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