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Giving Good Gifts: 8 Inspiring Tips about Gifts

Who does not love to receive gifts! At present days no one feels compelled to give gifts. It has been found that in the UK alone, about $ 500 is spent on every occasion on a house, only after buying a gift. And for Americans, that is $ 650. Gifts not only make other people happy, but also warm the relationship of the two. But in this case, receiving gifts is often very difficult. Where the question arises of giving good gifts to a loved one, In that case today’s article is about tips for how you choose gifts. Here is giving good gifts, 8 inspiring tips about good gifts giving to your wife or friends.

Don’t worry about the price

Research has shown that it is not an attractive gift that can be spent without spending too much. Another thing is that when you give someone a very expensive gift, you will expect more appreciation for it. But in most cases, praise does not depend on the value of the gift. So in that case you will be a bit disappointed. According to professor of University of Pittsburgh Jeff Gallake, the matter is quite psychological. You can set a price limit. But after you buy the gift, what you give above the price – it becomes rather attractive.

Emphasize the reason for the gift

There may be various reasons for giving gifts. But in choosing a gift, you need to give the reason for the gift. Usually, we give gifts to someone’s birthday, religious ceremony, anniversary or to a new location. Notice here, you will receive different types of gift items for each category. You must make the difference between a gift given to someone’s birthday and a gift for a wedding.

Take a look at longer

If someone took you to a movie theater as a gift or arranged to watch a movie or series on Netflix for a month instead – which would you be happier about? In this case the cost of both but almost equal. But most people will choose the second option. Because people like to receive gifts that they can use for a long time. However, the problem becomes that the person who is giving the gift wants to see the expression of the person for that moment.

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The smile of the moment is a kind of happiness, before the opening of the gift box. But given something a little interesting and strong, you may not immediately get the full expression that you will find in a surprise gift. But according to Jeff Galak, the first person to think about is how long he or she can use it – with the range of use. Therefore, it is important to emphasize the word ‘longterm’ in gift giving.

Presenting Gifts

While many may not insist on presenting gifts, this will give the gifted person some idea of ​​your feelings. Nowadays, gifts are usually presented on the wrapping paper. But you can make the matter more creative and interesting as you wish. Writing something small or even a wishcard can overwhelm a gifted person. So the idea of ​​presenting a gift should also be kept in mind.

Avoid the matter of uniqueness

In gift giving, we often try to give something completely different. Our idea is that the other person will be most happy if we find something unique. Even though most people are glad to receive gifts for diversity, it is of little use in real life.

Studies have shown that if you go to give gifts based on someone’s unicorns, they are left with no choice or desire for that gift. Because the uniqueness and choice of a human being – two completely different questions.

Another matter has been seen. When one group of people is given different gifts at the same time, they are compared to that gift among themselves. In that case, avoiding unicorns is the best thing to do.

Prioritize your inner match

According to Professor Dan of Oxford’s Department of Psychology, the biggest factor behind good gift giving is the importance of matching the mind of the two. Instead of prioritizing our own choices, we should bring gifts of interest to the two.

This is because people are usually quicker to buy what they like. So you have to pick something that will be a gift to you as well. By doing so, you can give the best gift to your loved ones based on that topic.

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Ask what he wants

According to Professor Dunn, if you can’t find a hard match between yourself, you should ask him what he wants. Studies have shown that people love and get more pleasure from their undesirable gifts.

However, many people are of the opinion that the gift should be refreshing. If you ask for a gift as that, it will be no surprise. However, many studies say that good gifts have nothing to do with surprises. So if your priority is to give a good gift, then there should be a gift by asking.

Avoid over-thinking

And the important thing is to avoid over-thinking at the end of the day. Bad gifts rarely happen. If not at all incompatible, the person receiving the gift will at least be happy.

Professor Galak says he has asked thousands of people about their gifts; It has been the case with very few people that they did not like the gift. Many times, even if you receive a bad gift, the person will wonder why you chose this gift. Then they will also appreciate you for their time and effort in choosing your gift.

According to Professor Nicholas Epley of the University of Chicago, when someone does something shocking, everyone will want to know the reason behind it. Bad gifts are like this. In this case, someone will be happy to think about your efforts as you seek out the reason behind the bad gift you gave! So what to give at the end of the day, when to give so much to worry about it is better.

Feature Image: Kiplinger

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