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Home Trending Gadgets Home Security Gadgets: 10 Smart Home Gadgets to keep your home safe

Home Security Gadgets: 10 Smart Home Gadgets to keep your home safe

Security is a very important issue all over the world today. This problem is forming day by day. People are suffering from a lack of security at home and abroad, and security concerns have been aroused in the minds of everyone. Thievery and other criminal activities are taking place at home. At present, there are several advanced quality and technology security gadgets in the market. This is a list of the top 10 home security gadgets out of them.

People are taking various steps to increase the security of their own habitat. However, not everyone can hire security personnel because of extra pay. However, due to the continuous development of technology, there are various technology-dependent smart home security gadgets or appliances that are able to provide good home security. These electronic top home security gadgets are well and reliably performed like watch dogs.

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Nest Protect Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Nest Protect Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Key Features:
• Split-Spectrum smoke sensor• Smoke and CO Locator
• Long-life battery – Wired 120V• 10-year lifespan sensors

As important as the external security of the home, ‍similarly home security is equally important. Your home may have accidents related to fire and various types of gas leakage. Nest created fire and carbon monoxide detector gadgets to prevent any accidents involving smoke, fire, carbon monoxide.

Nest Protect is the ultimate gadget that you will definitely want to use in your home, as it is a fire and carbon monoxide detector gadget. The Google-owned company has re-invented this smart alarm for over a century and Nest Protect allows you to connect to your smartphone. This device can send you emergency alerts even when you’re away.

It is as easy to setup as it is easy to use. As soon as any danger is detected, it sends a notification to everyone in the house, and sends it to some other people. If the device is turned on by mistake, the app can easily be turned off.

A modern smart home requires thermostat, the lights, the locks and many other things, where a fire and carbon monoxide detector is a much needed device. You will find this device at Amazon at a very affordable price.

Kuna Smart Companion Light Fixture with Camera

Kuna Smart Companion Light Fixture with Camera

Key Features:
• A complete home lighting solution• Pairs with Maximus Security Light
• Smart light synch schedule• Works with Amazon Alexa

If anyone wants to take outdoor security without any change in the door lock, Kuna Smart Light Fixtures are on the market for them. At first it may seem like a long light, but at the bottom of the light is an HD camera, which acts as a closed circuit camera. Most models have two-way communicators, which allow a suspicious person to have a conversation with him inside the door, by which one can be fully convinced of someone before the door opens.

The Kuna Smart Companion Light Fixture features a built-in video camera, a motion detector, a Wi-Fi adapter and a two-way intercom. This device replaces the front of your porch or home, connecting to your home network and sends alerts to your smartphone when someone comes to your door. Kuna Smart Light will also record a downloadable video clip and check the person’s pre-recorded greetings with you. However, to get the most out of this device, you have to pay a subscription fee.

The Integrated Motion Detector sends notifications to your smartphone and it will capture video within the 116-degree field. The camera is capable of recording video up to 720p (with sound). Kuna is very easy to install and clean documentation. The Kuna is not equipped with infrared LEDs, so the space should be bright for video capture at night. This device is equipped with an E26 socket, so you can add an incandescent bulb to it. Mobile apps can be switched on manually and the program can be scheduled to turn on in the evening.

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