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Home Blog How does the Mobile Touch Screen Work?

How does the Mobile Touch Screen Work?

Mobile is not who we use. And now in the era of smartphones, touch screen mobiles do not go away. Calling or texting regularly to someone else with a touch screen mobile. But have you ever wondered how this mobile touch screen actually work?

Mobile was invented a long time ago but the first invention of touch screen mobile was in 1992. This brings a different approach to mobile. The touch screen is basically the display screen. It also acts as a touch screen. This screen is sensitive, which acts as a kind of input device. It works by pressing it with finger prints, nails or any stick.

Currently, two touch screens called Resistive and Capacitive are more used. The capacitive touch screen is being used on mobile. This type of touch screen is completely dependent on the electrical impulses of the human body. This touch screen would not work if there was no electric charge in our body.

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To know how a touch screen works, first you need to know about the mobile screen. The top of the mobile screen is the touch detection part and is the LCD screen. This is basically the battery on the mobile and the top of the circuit. The mobile screen consists of two tier screens. The inner circuit of the mobile is connected to a series of smooth wires through these two screens. Through this, the circuit activates the mobile screen. The glass on the top of the mobile, which actually protects the mobile from any kind of injury. The glass or screen beneath it is connected to the inner cables. There are basically two wire layers. Combining these two together creates a grid pattern. The two always carry contradictory charges.

When the finger of our hand touches the mobile screen, the charge is exchanged between the layers. The finger of the hand acts as a third means of exchanging charges to maintain equality of charge.

When touched on the screen, the finger is inserted into an electric field. The blood and cells of the finger are full of water. The charged atoms dissolve. Such as positive sodium and potassium and negative ion chloride. When the finger is inserted into the electric field, this field begins to prepare the charges, and the negative ions come to the positive wire and the positive ions go away.

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All extra charges are organized within the finger. Since the electric field is very strong, it can suck from many charged batteries. The charge of the finger goes very close to the electric field, it is visible to the phone and accordingly the touch screen works.

The black spots around the touch screen cover the sensor. Hidden sensors measure exactly how much electricity flows.

Another question is, how does a mobile phone work when applied to a particular screen? How do I understand when I’m calling or not cutting? The answer is, these things are already programmed on the device’s operating system. These issues are given in the processor when designing a new operating system.

Source: ComputerWorld, Feature Image: Youtube

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