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Mi Smart Band 4 Review : the Best Fitness Band at Low Price

Over the past three years, Xiaomi has done a great job adding the latest features to its Mi Smart Band series. Last year, the Mi Smart Band 3 offered a heart rate sensor, 5 ATM water resistance, 0.78 inch open panel. This time Xiaomi has brought Mi Smart Band 4, the fourth fitness band of the Mi Band series. Xiaomi says the new fitness band will be backed up to 20 days and it has a color display. From this review, let’s see how the best Fitness Band at low price Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 performs at a slightly higher price than the Mi Band 3.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 brings some nice features. Mi Band 4 smart bracelet comes with the color OLED display, as well as the Significantly Improved Outdoor Viewability and Higher Resolution than previous models. A plastic capsule contains all the components of the Mi Smart Band 4. This capsule will be stuck in a silicone band.

Good trackingFitting on charger
Colorful displayImportant features are off at the beginning
Swimming can be done
Change vibration mode
Battery life

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There is a display on top of this capsule, at the bottom of the display is a capacitive button. Below the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 capsule has a heart rate sensor and a charging pin. The capsule must be opened from the silicone band to charge this fitness band. The battery life of the band has also increased and tracking has improved from the previous models.

Mi Smart Band 4 capsule does not stick well in the charger. This capsule comes out despite repeated attempts to put it on the charger. Mi Smart Band 4 has a 0.95-inch AMOLED display and this display is quite sharp and colorful. There was no problem with the use of this display in daylight.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Features
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 Features

Although the font of the notification seems to be a bit thin. There was no problem with the touchscreen and capacitive button response. It’s also not a major problem with the Mi Smart Band 4’s user interface. By swiping on the display, you can easily change different modes. With the Mi Fit app that list easily can be customized. If you swipe left or right, the music player will open.

Performance and battery life

Mi Smart Band 4 can track different types of workouts. These include swimming, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring etc. Although all important features of this device are initially off. These features can be turned on by going to Settings later. For example, after using this device, key features like sleep tracking, rise to wake – were diable. However, when manually switching on these features, it is reported that the use of new features will affect battery backup.

20 days back up will be available

This fitness band does not have GPS. As a result, accurate information was not available while tracking the distance. Although this fitness band tracks the distance using the phone’s GPS. The phone showed 1.3km in fitness band after running 1km off GPS. Later, after going the same distance with the GPS on the phone, it showed 1.11 km in the fitness band.

This fitness band performed relatively well during step tracking. Mi Smart Band 4 showed 996 steps after running 1,000 steps. Accurate information has been obtained in the gym session using Mi Smart Band 4. Along with this, the fitness tracker also showed accurate information on the total during sleep tracking.

Mi Smart Band 4
Plastic capsule contains all the components of the Mi Smart Band 4 and Smartphone MI Fit app

Heart rate sensor is on

Mi Smart Band 4 can be used while swimming. This fitness band can track various information while swimming. Xiaomi announced that Mi Smart Band 4 will have 20 days of battery backup. After one week of use, this device had a 63 percent charge. However, keeping on with various features, including sleep tracking, the battery will run out quickly. Even with all the features turned on, the Mi Smart Band 4 will have two weeks of battery backup.

Smartphone app

All information about Mi Smart Band 4 can be seen from the Mi Fit app on the smartphone. The watch interface of Mi Smart Band 4 can be changed from this app. In this app you will see numerous watchfaces. You can also create your own custom interface.

Another smart product of the Mi Band series is the Mi Smart Band 4. Correct tracking data can be found on this smart band. It is easy to see all the information from the Mi Fit app. However, the default settings of this device have many important features turned off. Although the capsu; l is likely to come out of the charger while charging. If you have no problem with this problem, the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 is one of the best cheap fitness trackers at Amazon for $39.59.

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