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Home Monitor Samsung Space Monitor Review : Best Space Saving Minimalists Monitor

Samsung Space Monitor Review : Best Space Saving Minimalists Monitor

When Samsung announced the Space Monitor, it was immediately understood that it was planning to keep personal computer users in mind. Now everyone may realize that personal computer users may have been looking for such monitors for so long. Samsung releases with a smart new modern design, streamlined & solid 27-inch QHD Space Monitor and 32-inch Minimal UHD 4K Space Monitor. So let’s take a look at a short review about Samsung Space Monitor.

This is undoubtedly the Best Space Saving Minimalists Monitor, which solved the big monitor problem for professional PC users. However, it is worth mentioning that Samsung has not made it for everyone. If you work in a tight workspace, saving a small amount of space can also be helpful. Samsung Electronics may have created a new space saving monitor with such users in mind. Which can be attached to the wall at the end of the desk by pushing it a little after the normal work. When the monitor moves to the end of the desk and it is not used, it will hold the front of the wall at the edge of your desk and keep your desk randomly free. Check out Samsung’s official site.

Samsung Space Saving Monitor
A combination of minimal designs Samsung Space Saving Monitor. Image: Amazon
Clever space-saving designDoesn’t rotate and height depends on distance from wall
Quiet, attractive lookProblems with viewing angles
Solid color out of the boxDoesn’t work with every desk
Large size and high-resolution display are great for productivity work

I was even more curious about this monitor. Generally, those who work with designing work more conveniently on Wide screen monitors, but larger monitors usually occupy a larger part of the desk, which hinders the work of professionals. However, our team was impressed with Samsung’s approach and wanted to see how it works in real life.

Design & Build Quality

One of the most advanced aspects of the Samsung Space Monitor is its low profile mount, which grips the edge of desk to the wall, tightening and rotating up and down the side. Those who have used or seen Surface Studio will be able to easily understand that, like Surface Studio, it can not be tilted, but the monitor can be folded and pushed to the wall as needed and it mixes with the wall, at the same general speed.

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The Samsung Space Monitor has come on the market in two sizes, one large 32 inch UHD 4K Space Monitor and the other a smaller 27 inch QHD Space Monitor at 2560 × 1440 resolution. We have tried in-depth review of both monitors, as the use of two monitors is different from the one used by users. Larger UHD 4K Space Monitors have lower refresh rates, but many users require 4K usage in the workflow.

Samsung Space Monitor 2
The Samsung Space Monitor is usually fitted with the edge of the wall on the desk.
When working, you can work with the table by dragging it and pushing it a bit after the work. Image: Amazon

Larger monitors actually occupy all the space around your desk and are usually wasted space. In the case of space monitors, the stand is flush with the wall. As far as saying, the performance of the monitor is good but not so great. The colors are vibrant and the default settings are great. The monitor is a bit hot but can be easily adjusted. The refresh rate goes up to 144 Hz and this is more than enough for gaming. Its can be easily tweaked to 120 for those who are very choosy about video pulldown and other deep frame rate things.

One thing I didn’t find impressive was the viewing angle. The sweet spot on the monitor seems narrower to me than the Dell UltraSharp IPS panel. If you are not working directly in front of the monitor, the color and brightness of the monitor may fall off if you are far from the edge.

The bezel is narrow, slightly more than a quarter inch wide, a little thicker at the bottom. The top and sides of the bezel are almost flush, so the bezels will not feel as if they are stretched toward you. All in all, it will look very awesome and beautiful design and the monitor is currently on the market. It’s worth pointing out that Samsung press imagery seems a bit jarring, and the microscopic bezel you see on official images isn’t exactly what you get.

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The back of arm stand can be set very nicely with a single cable, to keep desk free of clutter. Image: Amazon

The monitor’s arm stand is quite stiff and the monitor is exactly where you are positioned, but it is a little impressive because of its 14 inch tall arm stand. If you have a good look at how to set up this monitor and stand, you may notice something else. Like- this thing can’t be rotated. However, the nature of the space monitor, unfortunately, means that the desk is connected to the edge and must always be parallel to it. But only the perpendicular can be removed directly with it. There is no way to slide the monitor up and down. To do this you must move it toward you or away. This is not acceptable for some, but it has seemed good to me as a primary monitor.

  • Samsung Space Saving Monitor with integrated arm stand saves 40% more usable desk area.
  • The back of the arm stand can be set very nicely with a single cable, to keep your table desk free of clutter.
  • With a slim panel and 3-sided bezel screen, the Samsung Space Monitor gives a compact and stylish look.
  • 4K UHD resolution for stunning and extraordinary image works and design work with detailed descriptions.

The installation system is not as easy as setting up anything on your desk. But if you have a adjustable desk table, it is literally so easy to slip and tighten the clamp. A custom cable (optional, but convenient) is set in a groove on the back of the stand, connecting HDMI and power to one and removing chaos.


The monitor has significant limit its use cases to some users, but it does work well. However to me the monitor still seems like a great option. If you have limited space at your desk and initially plan to work directly from the front sweet spot, the Samsung Space Saving Monitor is a great monitor for productivity, movies and games.

Samsung Space Monitor is a user friendly and amazing monitor.
Samsung Space Monitor is a user friendly and amazing monitor. Image: Samsung

Samsung Space Monitor is a great option for users looking for low-profile and space-saving options compared to ordinary monitors with good review from users. But for multi-monitor setups or for people who shift angle viewing a lot, this is probably not the best. At Reasonable Price, it gets strong competition from the general users. However, for some people who have a lot of image quality enhancement or clever design work, it can be a little confusing. Again, like Microsoft Surface Studio’s ability to slide up and down in any way, the difficulty of not being on a Samsung Space Monitor is certainly there. However according to review, in the case of minimal users and saving desk space, Samsung Space Monitor has no pair.

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Design & Build Quality
Ports and Connectivity
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