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Tech Billionaires keep their Children away from Technology?

Amazing yet true Tech Billionaires keep their children away from Technology. Tech billionaires are restricting the use of technology for their families while they are trapping the world with technology. Many parents offer technology products to children as educational materials; But how safe is it? In today’s article, I’ll talk about why tech giants have restricted the use of technology to their kids.

In this case, one of the influential media New York Times senior journalist Nick Bilton’s experiences may surprise you. Nick Bilton was one of the invited journalists when Steve Jobs, founder of tech giant Apple, introduced the iPad for the first time in 2010. While other journalists present at the event were talking about the iPad’s amazing features and technical excellence, Nick’s experience was a different one. In the space of conversation, he asked Steve Jobs – “Do your kids really like iPads?” Steve replied – “No, they don’t use it. The use of technology for them has been limited. ”

Nick couldn’t believe it. Doesn’t the tech giant allow Apple’s kids to use unrestricted technology for their children? Also keep them away from the iPad you produce? That is why he wanted to be sure by cross-checking.

He then talked to some of Apple’s ‘Technology Chief Executives’. They told Nick, not just Steve Jobs; They themselves have taken similar steps regarding their children. They even sometimes ban the use of technology for children. In particular, the use of technology for children is completely prohibited at night when children are in school in the morning.

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Following Nick’s acquaintance, the media began researching top executives of technology giant companies. They began to find very mysterious data in it. It is learned that Bill Gates, the world’s wealthiest and tech giant, is keeping Microsoft’s children at a safe distance from technology products.

Not just Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, the list of top executives of the world’s best tech companies, including tech giant e-bay, Google, Yahoo, 3D Robotics, Medium, Blogger, is slowly joining the list. Chris Anderson, a former editor of America’s leading technology magazine ‘Virid’ and current CEO of robotics provider 3D Robotics, said: “My wife and children complain about me not using technology on a regular basis. Sometimes the wife starts behaving like a dictator. They say that they do not have strict rules or rules (about low use of technology products) in a friend’s family.” Also Silicon Valley parents are raising their kids tech-free. Mark Zuckerberg ban technology for their children but want rest of the world addicted to it.

The former Wired editor then explained the reason for keeping family members away from technology, saying: “I have witnessed the horrors of using technology products directly (as a research journalist on technology). I myself have been hurt by this. I don’t want that to happen to my children. “

It should be noted that Chris Anderson has a total of five children in the home, ranging in age from 6 to 17 years. He also keeps his wife away from using technology products to keep children away from technology products, because children imitate his mother more.

Blogger, Twitter and Medium founder Evan Williams and his wife, Sara Williams, say they have hundreds of valuable books in place of an iPad for their two young children. However, yes, the books have been collected to verify if they are suitable for them.

You probably caught the mystery from the Evan and Sara Williams couple! Why are they keeping children away from technology products? Because they feel that the age of the child is not the right time to use these. This is the time to read books, develop talent or increase creativity. You might be surprised to know, there are separate ‘technology free’ schools for the children of these billionaire technicians. Where there is no computer for the students. There is no coding education book. Like our country, ICT education is not burdensome. So they are lagging behind in technology?

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This is not the case at all. Rather, they are doing their job. As a bread grower knows, what are the ingredients, and some of them are harmful; Likewise, these technicians also know what technology products are made by them, and what are the disadvantages of using them. As a result, if we say that they are ruining the future of their children, the matter will be more like a ‘story of a maternal uncle’s home’.

The point is, technology experts and researchers say that children should be kept out of technology products at a certain age or restricted. In particular, it is important for children and adolescents to be protected from the screen of various electric devices at sensitive times. And in this case, beware of mobile first. But the parents of our country open the mobile screen in front of the baby while still feeding. The thing is, many children do not want to eat unless they are mobile now.

It is not known whether there has been any research on the harmful side of this in our country. But a study conducted in Europe shows that 43 percent of children have gone away from enough sleep to look at a mobile screen. And you know very well how difficult it is to eliminate childhood habits.

Now speaking, what is the reaction as they lose their sleep? Studies show that 62 percent of the children’s mental health is at serious risk. In addition, 38 percent of children are growing inefficient. The survey was conducted on children aged 5 to 16 years. Of the 7,000 parents who took the survey, 65 percent said their children used cell phones in private bedrooms. And in this age of free internet, who can guarantee that they will not be distracted by it?

However, the hope is that 49 percent of parents want to keep their children away from technology products. And the frustrating part is that they have no idea how to implement it (because children will not readily accept it).

That’s why you have to be as rigorous as former editor Chris Anderson. “This is the number one law – they can’t have a screen in their bedroom,” she said. Neither was before, nor will it be in the days to come. “

Chris Anderson has nothing to fear in this threat. It’s not like he or she wants to keep your children away from technology forever. These technicians are only advising them or their children to be safe from harmful aspects of technology up to a certain age. And yes, you may be wondering, by this your eligible child will fall far behind in the competition. But that’s why I want to introduce you to a man and end today’s writing.

His name is Alan Eagle. In 2007 he joined executive search engine Google as executive director. Prior to Dartmouth College, he studied computer science. But he did not know in school life, what is Google! So is it important for your child to use a mobile phone now to be successful?

At what age should children be allowed to use technology products? There is no specific solution. Many have proposed 18 years, others have advocated for controlling technology products at an even older age. However, everyone agrees that technology should be limited to school life. Finally, is there any other reason for Giant Technicians to keep their children away from technology products, besides the loss?

Yes, they think it is time for children to learn humanity, increase creativity and get moral education. So at this time there is no alternative to keeping them away from technology. As a parent or parent, this is a good idea for you.

Feature Image: Wikimedia Commons

I am a designer, blogger and marketer. Love to stay connected to technology and a full stack day dreamer.


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