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The world’s top 10 most Expensive and Luxurious Watches

What is the maximum price of a watch? Those who do not know the clock, they may say up to several hundred dollars. What is a watch that costs more than a few hundred dollars? If this is your idea, then get ready for a big push-up meal. Because the watch that will be listed in this article contains millions of dollars worth of watches! Yes, millions of dollars worth of the world’s top 10 most Expensive and Luxurious Watches!

This article lists the 10 most expensive and luxurious watches in the world. List prices may vary from time to time. This list was created from the list of trendspotters and Man of Man.

Patek Philippe Reference 1527 – valued at $ 5.7 million

There is no one closer to Patek Philippe in the world of watch, value, tradition and excellence. At the 10th spot on the list of the most expensive and luxurious watches is the watch designed by Patek Philippe in 1943, valued at $ 5.7 million. Although similar to a simple watch, the watch is made of more than 20 precious stones and 20 carat rose gold.

Patek Philippe Reference 1527 watch. Image: Luxe.net

Patek Philippe Reference 1518 – valued at $ 11 million

Another Patek Philippe handheld in the reference series is the Reference-1518, which is worth more than double the reference- 1527. The specialty of this watch is that its calendar chronograph is made of fine steel, while other Patek Philippe watches are made in Yellow or Rose Gold. The company has made just 4 of this watch in Limited Edition.

Paul Newman Rolex Daytona – valued at $ 17.6 million

The Rolex Daytona watch, showcased by world-renowned actor and motor racer Paul Newman, was sold at auction for $ 17.6 million. This Limited Edition watch from Rolex has a black exotic dial that no other watch in this edition has. Newman’s wife gifted him this watch.

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Paul Newman Rolex Daytona watch. Image: Watches by SJX

Jack & Co Billionaire Watch – valued at $ 18 million

Looking at this watch made of 260 carat diamonds, you will be reminded of a king or emperor in the Middle Ages, whose precious stones, such as gold and diamonds, were worn around his neck. The watch is stylish at its eye-catching body and with a bright strap that will catch anyone’s eye. However, if you like the watch, not everyone is buying it How many watches worth $ 18 million can buy or buy!

Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication – valued at $ 24 million

Listing the traditional watches sold for billions of dollars, you might not find a watch other than Patek Philippe’s watch. However, the most expensive watch sold at auction on this list is the most expensive watch. In 2014, the watch was sold at auction for $ 23.98 million, called the Henry Graves Super Complication. This is basically a pocket watch. The clock includes 24 adjustments, including a permanent calendar, sunrise and sunset, aerodynamic charts, minute repeaters. Complications can be set at any time of the location.

Graff Diamonds Hallucination Watch. Image: One Million Pound Blog

Chopard 201 Carat Watch – valued at $ 25 million

To understand how a watch might cost $ 25 million, you need to look at the clock’s production process. Brightly colored this watch has many diamond pieces. These include a 15-carat pink diamond, a 12-carat blue and an 11-carat white diamond. But these three pieces of diamonds cost $ 25 million? No The main attraction of this watch is actually a 163-carat yellow diamond.

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Jaeger LeCoultre Jewelry 101 Mansheet – valued at $ 26 million

The price tag of the priceless watch is easy to understand when it comes to knowing that it was gifted to Queen Elizabeth II on the 60th anniversary of her enthronement. The 576-piece diamond clock is glowing in the dark. It also has a Sapphire dial, which adds to its beauty.

Bridget Grand Compliance Marie Antoinette – valued at $ 30 million

Former French queen Marie Antoinette gave her boyfriend a watch to make for Antonet. The clock-making began in 1782, ending in 1827! Yes, it took 45 years to create a tiny pocket watch! At that time, the watch, which has all kinds of modern-day technology, is priced at $ 30 million.

Graff Diamonds The Fascination Watch. Image: Forbes

Graff Diamonds The Fascination – Worth $ 40 Million

When the watch was made, it was the world’s most expensive watch. This watch will illuminate the glowing light of the eye, with numerous small and bright diamonds of 153 carats. And there’s a 38-carat diamond ring in the middle of the watch! It’s like buying a free one. The diamond ring is also being bought with the watch!

Graff Diamonds Hallucination Watch. Image: HashHush

Graff Diamonds Hallucination – valued at $ 55 million

If you are ‘fascinated’ in graph diamond fascination, then it is your turn to be ‘hallucinated’ in hallucinations. The world’s most expensive hand clock Graff Diamond hallucinations cost $ 55 million! This watch, made of platinum bracelet, has many cut-colored diamonds cut into various shapes, none of which are less than 110 carats. Many people say, it is not possible to make expensive watches! But who knows, people’s fame in making hand watches can reach billions of dollars a day!

Feature Image: Hypebeast

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