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What is SSD and Why is it necessary?

At present, the cost of SSD is much lower than at any other time. So many people are now interested in buying SSD. So today we will discuss this and try to give you a detailed idea about this thing. What is an SSD and why is it necessary?

What is SSD

SSD or Solid State Drive is a Non-Volatile Memory. On a hard disk where all data is stored on the disk, Solid State Drive stores all the data in the memory chip. As the hard disk has some mechanical decay to keep it going, the memory cells in the SSD have some limitation for holding data.

SSD Types and Speed:

There are many types of SSDs based on which the speed is slow. However, we generally use two types of SSDs – SATA and NVMe. NVMe SSD’s speed is relatively high compared to SATA’s. Again m.2 SSDs are on the market that look like NVMe but they give performance like SATA Solid State Drive.

Transferring files from one SSD to SSD generally provides 400-600 MB / s speed, where 100-150 MB / s speed is available for transferring files from one hard disk to another. If m.2 is SSD, 1 GB / s is also available to transfer files.

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Since the hard disk keeps all the data on the disk, it takes longer to collect the data, but in the case of Solid State Drive, the files are processed in less time. For this reason, SSD is usually kept on Windows and compatible software. Besides, SSD is used for photo editing, 3D rendering, video editing.

Difficulties and lifetimes of using SSD:

Lifetime Limited of SSD. This depends on the size of the Lifetime Solid State Drive and even in some cases the Lifetime Change above the model. It also affects the cost and lifetime of SSDs depending on the type of storage. However, the average lifetime of all SSDs is 3-4 years.

Many companies now have SSDs in the market. Among them, Samsung’s SSDs are the best but in addition to this, the prices are very high. Also available for general use SSD of Adata, Transcend, Corsair, HyperX, Kingston, Western Digital, Galax, PNY, Intel, Gigabyte, Team Group. Those start at around Rs 2500, but apart from these, many Chinese brands have SSDs available in the market. It would be better not to take them. Because Chinese or nonbrand’s SSDs have very low speeds and lifetimes.

After all, if you have a budget for PC build time, take Solid State Drive, then it is better to have an SSD with a hard disk. The pressure on the hard disk is less and the PC is relatively dynamic.

Important things you need to know about SSD!

There is no doubt that SSD requirements and popularity are increasing day by day. Moreover, in the past few years, its prices have dropped significantly. Solid State Drive Perfect Solutions for fairly instant boot time, extremely fast applications, game load, file transfer, low power consumption. Some may have already started using it on your system, and many are thinking of buying a new drive – this article will discuss some of the important things that you all need to know.


The SSD that is generally available in the market is SATA 3.0; SATA is a type of connector that connects to the hard drive as well. But many of us do not know that Solid State Drive is also available for PCIe type; PCIe is another type of connector that connects the graphics card to the motherboard. The biggest difference between the two types of these two channels is their connection speed. SATA 3.0 can transmit data up to 750 MB per second. Although this data transmit rate may not sound like great, it is possible to run separate applications, including desktop games, at this speed.

PCIe slots, on the other hand, are capable of transmitting data up to 15 GB per second; Whereas PCIe type Solid State Drive available in today’s market can transmit data from 1.5 GB / sec to 3 GB / second. The old SATA SSD drive there supports data speed rates of up to 500-550 MB / s. So think about how much difference a performance can make.

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But if you are a general computer user, Just want to make your PC and applications run fast, but for your type, the SATA type will be fine, but for enterprise work, server, or you have created a home server at home, from all media, gaming devices. Sharing, or doing some kind of work where high data transmit rate is required, PCIe SSD is quite Will be useful. And yes, you usually have to pay more to get more speed here, almost twice the price of the PCIe type from the SATA type.

Never Defragment

Defragmenting for SSDs is fine, because there are physical wheels where data is spread out right at the time of writing, data is pressed together by defragmenting, so that the head can access it quickly. But Solid State Drive is different. You should never defragment SSD. How many times can data be written in SSD? Defragmenting processes run many write operations to merge data, thereby reducing the time of your SSD.

It does not have any moving parts like a hard drive, so no matter where the data is in the drive, the drive has the ability to read and write with ease. Moreover, this drive is designed so that the data can be evenly spread around. There is no head here that physically moves anywhere and then accesses the data. The controller on it is able to access instant data from anywhere. If you use Windows 7, your operating system defaults to SSD by default. After Windows 7, it is off by default on all modern windows.

Avoid using Windows XP, Vista

If you have SSD installed on your computer, I would say definitely use a modern operating system. You can use any version since Windows 7 and leave Windows XP, Vista. These old operating systems do not support trim commands for SSDs; Normally when a data is deleted on the hard drive, its address is just deleted, but the file remains physically there, as long as the drive is not wiped or another file is written there. But the modern operating system has a trim command for SSD, which does not require overwriting or wiping to completely delete a file. The delete file sector is automatically blank.

If the operating system does not support the trim, then the file remains on the SSD sector, only the address is deleted. Now to enter any new data there, the sector is dropped first, then write new file, it takes a little longer. And even if SSD is installed with the old operating system, your system can still work slow. Modern operating systems already have trim enabled, diameter is not required there.

Don’t write too much

As I said before, SSD has a specific write limit, so if you want to increase the drive time, avoid writing more data. We usually use SSD to hold operating systems and software, but the software creates many log files and temporary files, you can put a separate hard drive on the system and set it to save the temporary files and logs of the software. . This will reduce the amount of right.

In addition to the SSD, of course, use a mechanical hard drive. Install all programs in SSD and save large media files to hard drive. It’s not okay to keep media files or large files in SSD, but rather to keep files that need access repeatedly. So, of course, use SSD to save the media along with SSD on the PC and if you are a laptop user, where SSD is mounted, of course, put the external hard drive and store the media there.

The last word

If you have the ability to use fast booting, fast PC, las power and two drives simultaneously (SSD + HDD), then SSD is the best solution for you. Many people are just obsessed with upgrading the RAM, but are able to see real-life performance changes by installing SSDs on the PC. Keeping the above issues in mind will increase your SSD life expectancy and prevent you from getting fast performance.

So, do you use any expensive SSDs? Or do you have any tips, tricks, opinions about SSD? Comment below and let us know. I look forward to your comment. Visit MiyajiTech to get regular tech news.

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